VR user testing on a budget - why and how?

Paul Graham once said "Build something users love, and spend less than you make".

If you are an indie developer trying to build a successful VR game or app, this statement is very relevant.

You don’t have a ton of money for marketing budget, therefore you need to rely on word of mouth and positive reviews to spread the word.

It’s truism, but users are more likely to promote your project if they love it.

To a degree, you can guess and rely on your own instinct to figure out what people need and will like, but the truth is - you only really find out once users interact with your product and give you feedback.

Your are on a budget and let’s say you have already released your project in Early Access and now
you’re trying to understand how to apply “build something users love” bit of advice.

You are already reading reviews, interacting on reddit and watching youtube videos about your project - what else can you do?

3 things you can do today
to start measuring how people are using your game/app:

  1. How to setup Unity Analytics for your indie VR project?
  2. How to setup Google Analytics for your Unity VR project? (coming soon)
  3. Understanding the data - give your users a voice with VR The Feedback! (coming soon)

What are your users doing while in Virtual Reality?

Time to find out and make them happy! :-)

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